i) Driver needs assessment with trucking/transportation company in Canada
ii) National/Regional advertising campaign to find Canadian drivers
iii) LMIA application assistance, interviews
iv) Live interviews with potential foreign driver candidates
v) Selection, background, security and health checks
vi) Visa applications
vii) Appeals if necessary


i) Pre-arrival services to better understand life in Canada
ii) Temporary housing if required
iii) Upgrading skills and government road tests
iv) Familiarisation with employer


To retain foreign local haul drivers for long term tenures, we assist in creating the pathway to become a Canadian Permanent Resident and eventually Citizenship via the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).
To qualify to apply for the PNP as a Long Haul Truck Driver, the applicant must have a minimum of Nine Months of working experience with the same employer.
We assist with;
• providing English language classes to increase proficiency and prepare drivers to sit and pass the International English Language Testing System (“IELTS”).
• a letter of to be used in the application process to certify that the foreign worker is qualified to perform the duties as a Long-Haul Class 1 Truck Driver.
• all necessary documentation ie character references, employment contracts etc. providing online courses and certifications for our drivers applying to the PNP program


Our training partner is the Langley-based ICBC-accredited Over The Road Truck Driving School which prepares foreign drivers for their driving career in Canada with controlled Instructor/Student planned lessons.
Course flexibility provides tailor-made training for foreign drivers, such as loading dock, backing, extreme weather, mountain driving, night driving etc.
Our foreign drivers, who already have a minimum of three years driving big rigs overseas, go through some or all of the following before they get into your trucks. These refresher/upgrade modules are designed to address certain areas where our instructors feel the driver needs extra practice
• City Driving
• City Observation
• Air Brake Theory
• Mountain Driving
• Pre-trip Instruction
• Road Test Practice
• Defensive Driving
• Weight & Balance
• Winter Driving and Night Driving
• Up & Down Shifting Theory

Arrival in Canada during the COVID-19 health crisis;

• Pre-boarding COVID-19 testing at point of departure. The govt. approved test will be conducted within seven days prior to flight departure.
• Worker will be met at airport by designated company staff and be provided with a COVID-19 kit, resource guide and company policies.
• Worker will be transported in company vehicle with appropriate mask or facial covering to a hotel where he will be quarantined under guidance and supervision of a designated company employee for 14 days. The hotel has the necessary facilities for quarantine services.
• Worker will have no contact with company staff, other than designated employee who will be advising him on physical distancing protocols at all times.
• Worker will not be allowed to use public transportation and a company vehicle with driver will be made available should he need to leave the hotel for medical attention etc.
• A no-contact meal delivery service will be arranged for worker.
Company will be monitoring his health for 14 days after which another COVID-19 test will be conducted.
• The worker will be paid the mandated minimum amount for the 14 day quarantine period.
• During this time, we will arrange for video tutorials on driving in Canada and provide the necessary materials, so the worker can get ready for his/her government road tests etc.
• Company’s designated staff will be available 24-7 to assist the worker during the quarantine period.

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